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I've been a technology enthusiast ever since first grasping the endless potential that technology and programming brings to all of our lives. And at the core of programming is problem-solving, which is what I really enjoy, talking to people, understanding the problem at hand, and implementing software that solves these problems.
I've been solving problems for my friends, family and professionally since 2016, always developing my skills further as different types of problems arise, requiring different types of solutions.

My experience comes mainly from two sources: Tinkering and listening. This might sound strange, but tinkering with computers and programming to solve some problem one has is the easiest way to really learn how things work, which is how I've learned programming. This also ties into the second point, listening, to ask the right questions and listen to what problems people really need help with, which can be a challenge, but is most always fun!

I've been educating myself, both formally by schooling, and informally by helping those around me by writing software to solve their problems. I've also written and partaken in my own projects, some of which are freely available on Furthermore, I also take care of running all my own digital infrastructure. I've learned a lot about servers and IT administration by maintaining my own Email, Chat, Calendar, Drive and more. All which is possible because the web is built on open standards, protocols and interoperability! Which I think is fantastic.

Why is this webpage so traditional?
There is a principal in programming called KISS, or KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! A principle that I've come to appreciate with my time as a program writer. This webpage is fast, simple, informational and with minimal distractions!

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My Skills

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Operating Systems Fedora — Debian — Windows Ubuntu
Object-Oriented Languages Python Java — C# C — C++
Front-End Web Languages HTML — CSS — Javascript TypeScript — SCSS
Front-End Web Frameworks React jQuery
Back-End Web Languages Node/Express Django — Flask — PHP
Databases MySQL — SQLite PostgreSQL MongoDB
Web Servers Nginx Apache
Version Control Systems Git
Secure Protocols PKI — SSH — SFTP — FTP